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Tabular AMO 2012 now supports SP1

Project Description
Tabular AMO 2012 is about creating and managing tabular models using the AMO api. It is a developer’s sample, for those interested in managing Analysis Services.

The sample is made of two project parts. The first part is a library of functions to manage tabular models -AMO2Tabular V2-. The second part is a sample to build a tabular model -AdventureWorks Tabular AMO 2012- using the AMO2Tabular library; the created model is similar to the 'AdventureWorks Tabular Model 2012', available for download here:

The intentions around the AMO2Tabular library were to provide the most complete guide on how to write AMO code to manage the different logical objects in a tabular model. Not all functions to manage tabular models are implemented in the library; but, I expect the necessary knowledge to complete the library is included in the AMO2Tabular source code. Also, I expect you to contribute to the library; once you find that certain functionality was not included and you have to implement that functionality, please consider donating your code to expand the library.

The scope of the library comprehensive, in the sense that it has functionality for all tabular objects. However, as mentioned earlier, it is not extensive; it does not necessarily cover all possible operations on every tabular object. If coding certain operation, on a particular object, is not an obvious solution, you can be certain that I have included that operation in the library; what remains to be seen is what you consider obvious vs. what I do (I just hope there is not too much difference here).

The 'AdventureWorks Tabular AMO 2012' sample was designed with two purposes in mind. The first purpose was for it to be a test bed for the library; where most of the functionality of the library could be tested. The second purpose was to have a sample on how to use the library to build and manage a tabular model; also, the model created by the sample should have enough complexities to be a good showcase of the capabilities of the library.
The downloadable file contains one solution -Tabular AMO- with both projects: AMO2Tabular and 'AdventureWorks Tabular AMO 2012'. See the Readme file for a quickstart; or, see the Setup and Execute file for a detailed explanation on building the tabular model.

New! Tabular Database PowerShell Cmdlets

Entirely based in Tabular AMO, a new library of PowerShell cmdlets was developed and posted to Codeplex.
Take a look to the project and give a try to scripting your management code for Tabular models: Tabular Database PowerShell Cmdlets.

Tell us what you think of both projects!!

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