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TableAddEmptyTable needs to name row number column "RowNumber"


Admittedly, this is a work-around to an AMO bug, but still -- the current combination of TabularAMO + AnalysisServices (v11.0.2100.60) leaves things in a corrupt state.

After creating a table via TableAdd (which calls TableAddEmptyTable), the RowNumber column is named "RowNunber_{guid}" with the proper RowNumber attribute marking it.

Unfortunately, Microsoft.AnalysisServices.BackEnd.DataModelingTable.RowNumberColumn mistakenly assumes that the RowNumber column is named using the symbolic constant DataModelingColumn.RowNumberColumn (which is set to "RowNumber").

DataModelingTable.RowNumberColumn is used, for example, in adding a calculated column. That operation fails because the RowNumber column can't be located.

TableAddEmptyTable should instead just use "RowNumber" for the name of the RowNumber column.